Angry-Agent – Bringing More To The Table

Angry-Agent – Bringing More To The Table

This is the second guest submitted by Angry-Agent. As we have agreed to be a sounding board for him and all the other agents who have been in contact with us either direct or via Angry-Agent, I think this is could be the second of many to come.


Angry-Agent – Bringing More To The Table

My aim through these posts has been to highlight the true feelings of agents towards Rightmove and Zoopla. Emphasizing the feelings towards the ever increasing and substantial price rises they inflict each year. I also wanted to highlight their tactically hard and aggressive sales pitches along with their awful customer care.

Hopefully my last post did all that, but what I wanted and I think what we all wanted was some kind of reply from both Rightmove and Zoopla.

So I began to bang on the door each time I received a comment or an email from other angry agents.

For a long period I received nothing so this is what I emailed to them.

I have written a post with the help of the 500 or so agents that follow me on twitter. You may want to read ‘Rightmove and Zoopla What the Agents Really Think’.

To date after numerous requests via twitter there has been no response from you.

I think the feeling that has been shown in this post deserves a written response from you regarding the complaints and issues this post has raised.

When I say I banged on the door, this equates to over 450 tweets which included them plus all the retweets of my followers.  Again the lack of response from either Rightmove or Zoopla, over a very long period clearly showed how little they respect their clients. The clients that fund what they do and their very nice offices. Without agents paying their extortionate fees and listing with them and advertising them for free in their agency windows, they would have no business.

As time went on and I continued to include them in all my tweets and email them comments from other agents, I became convinced they aren’t bothered and really don’t care. But out of the blue, surprise, surprise I recently received a direct message from Rightmove themselves via my Twitter account which read,

“Could you please give us your name and a telephone number so that we can contact you?”

Now call me cynical but as far as I am concerned anything that is said over the phone can simply be denied, so I have forwarded them my email address with a request that anything they want to say to me is in writing. I also made it clear that anything they say will be shared with my followers on Twitter. I have also contacted Finders and Sellers who have ensured me they will publish anything I feel should be made public. So watch this space.

In the meantime, I am convinced they have forgotten who created them and who gave them their opportunity to succeed in this market. They are simply bleeding dry the agents who have fed them for the last 15 years. Not only is this bad for us as agents but the customers who face ever increasing costs to market their properties.

Without agents their business simply wouldn’t exist.  Unfortunately for agents, there seems no way out and many of us feel stuck in a catch 22 situation.  If I don’t list with them, I won’t generate any leads, which when combined with clients insisting that an agent lists with the only portals they are aware of, means we are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

One of my Twitter followers remarked with regards my last post, “You have caused quite a stir” and have informed me that my guest post published on their blog has received more shares and retweets, than anything else they have published. That’s not to mention the crazy hour I had on twitter with all the retweets my followers gave it. The post has received over 300 retweets so far and some very positive comments.

Below I have listed just a few comments from the huge number of responses I have had so far. They are just a way to show the support the content of the article has received from other like-minded agents.

I must stress I don’t feel this support is for the action I have taken but more support for the issues and criticisms within the post that will hopefully lead to change.  I hope that by continuing to highlight these issues, not only will Rightmove and Zoopla make a few changes, but I hope it encourages agents to take action and free themselves from the grip of these money grabbing monopolisers.

  • “Really like the article, these guys are stopping innovation, creativity and consumer choice, too strong and too much like a monopoly!”
  • “Wonderful, you’re doing a fab job. Fingers crossed and help is here if required.”
  • “Brilliant article, it’s time to take it to another level. We need to expose the way these portals treat us.”
  • “Brilliant we are right behind you and are trying to think of ways around this problem.”
  • “About time!!”
  • “Wish you well with the fight, monopolies that treat their bread and butter income shoddily will have their comeuppance. (This comment I did enjoy as it was from someone outside of the property world.)”

I could go on but space is limited.

Another positive has been the number of agents who have contacted me since starting this campaign and who have now dropped both Rightmove and Zoopla, which is fantastic. Some more agents have gone back to the basic packages in protest about the huge rises they were facing, which again is great news.

The more we can de-list from them, the weaker their position will become, but it needs a lot of support. That’s why we should join together and act as one large force against them. My mission is not to see the demise of these portals, but instead the way they treat agents. However I can see why so many would like to see them disappear altogether.  Fairer pricing, better customer care, more liaising with agents to put forward a better and more beneficial product, these are the things I would imagine most agents would be happier with.

If they do carry on with their money, money, money attitude, then as agents it will eventually come to the point where we will have to make a stand and say no more, enough is enough. With a total walk away, they will have no business and the property industry will have no need for them.

We need to keep the pressure on.  I have a number of tweets in my Angry-Agent account @angryagent19 that include @rightmove and @zoopla. Go in edit, retweet, and send your own messages to them. Lets keeping knocking on that door and keep making a noise. We have to keep telling them it’s time for change, if you can walk away from them do it, there is no better time.

Angry-Agent The Quest ContinuesPlease follow me on @angryagent19 and show your support, you can also email me your thoughts and concerns please rest assured anything you say that I use will be published anonymously.

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